Middleware 2003

ACM/IFIP/USENIX International Middleware Conference

Rio Othon Palace Hotel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

16-20 June 2003

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Full Paper Abstracts

A Proactive Middleware Platform for Mobile Computing

Andrei Popovici, Andreas Frei and Gustavo Alonso (ETH Zentrum, Zurich)

An obvious prerequisite for mobile computing devices is the ability to adapt to different
computing environments. Otherwise the devices are forced to carry with them everything they
may eventually need during their operational life time. This is neither desirable nor feasible,
thereby hinting at the need for dynamic adaptation. The idea would be to let the environment be
proactive and adapt the application rather than forcing the application to adapt itself to every
possible environment. In this paper we present a platform for doing exactly this. Applications
running on our modified JVM can be extended at run time with new functionality. Through this
platform, mobile devices can acquire on-the-fly any functionality extension they may need to
work properly in a given environment. The functionality extensions are local in time and space:
they are active only on a specific site and just for the time they are needed. The platform can
be used in both centralized settings (with a base station providing the extensions) or in self
configuring mode (extensions are provided by peers). In this paper we describe the platform,
how to use it and report on one of the several prototypes that have been constructed.

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