Middleware 2003

ACM/IFIP/USENIX International Middleware Conference

Rio Othon Palace Hotel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

16-20 June 2003

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Accepted Posters

PEPt - A Minimal RPC Architecture

Harold Carr

Processing and Storage Middleware Support for Capture and Access Applications

Renan G. Cattelan, Laércio A. Baldochi Jr, and Maria da Graça C. Pimentel

C-JDBC: Scalability and High Availability of the Database Tier in J2EE environments

Emmanuel Cecchet and Julie Marguerite

Epidemic Algorithms for Reliable Content-Based Publish-Subscribe

Paolo Costa, Matteo Migliavacca, Gian Pietro Picco, and Gianpaolo Cugola

An IDL to SDL2000 compiler

M. de Cabo, M. Rodríguez, and E. Fernández

Integration of CORBA with Directory Services and Web Services

M. Jandl, W. Radinger, and K. M. Goeschka

A Caching Architecture for Peer-to-Peer Systems

Vana Kalogeraki and Aditya Mohan

SLAng: A Language for Defining Service Level Agreements

D.Davide Lamanna, James Skene, and Wolfgang Emmerich

DIRAC- A Framework for Coordination and Cooperation

Sanda Mandutianu, Sean Hardman, and Chris Mattman

QoS Specification for Component Infrastructures and Mobile Web Services

Miguel A. de Miguel and Juan C. Yelmo

Middleware Architecture for User Centric 4G Mobile Systems

Chie Noda, Anthony Tarlano, Linda Strick, Marcin Solarski, Sabine Rehfeldt, Hiroshi Honjo, and Kiminori Motonaga

Adaptively Caching Distributed Components

Christoph Pohl

Aministration and Deployment Tools in a Message-Oriented Middleware

Vivien Quéma, Roland Balter, Luc Bellissard, David Féliot, André Freyssinet, and Serge Lacourte

A System of Adaptable Transactions for The Mobile Computing Environment

Tarcisio da Rocha and Maria Beatriz F. de Toledo

EAI Methodology Call To Action

John Schmidt

A Framework for Building Adaptive Distributed Applications

Francisco José da Silva e Silva, Markus Endler, Fabio Kon

QuA: a QoS-Aware Component Architecture

Richard Staehli, Frank Eliassen, Gordon Blair, and Jan Řyvind Aagedal

Dependable Distributed Middleware: Pay now or Pay Later!

Diana Szentiványi, Isabelle Ravot, Simin Nadjm-Tehrani, and Rachid Guerraoui

An Approach to Design with Differentiated Services by Contract

Romulo Cerqueira, Sidney Ansaloni, Orlando Loques, and Alexandre Sztajnberg

Assemblies of Local and Remote Components in the CORBA Component Model

Egon Teiniker, Stefan MitterdorferKreiner

Mobile Middleware for Heterogenous Environments

Olaf Droegehorn, Bjoern Wuest, Christian Deist, and Klaus David

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