Middleware 2003

ACM/IFIP/USENIX International Middleware Conference

Rio Othon Palace Hotel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

16-20 June 2003

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Full Paper Abstracts

Optimising Java RMI Programs by Communication Restructuring

Kwok C. Yeung and Paul H.J. Kelly (Imperial College)

We present an automated run-time optimisation framework that can improve the performance of
distributed applications written using Java RMI whilst preserving its semantics. Java classes are
modified at load-time in order to intercept RMI calls as they occur. RMI calls are not executed
immediately, but are delayed for as long as possible. When a dependence forces execution of the
delayed calls, the aggregated calls are sent over to the remote server to be executed in one step.
This reduces network overhead and the quantity of data sent, since data can be shared between
calls. The sequence of calls may be cached on the server side along with any known constants
in order to speed-up future calls. A remote server may also make RMI calls to another remote
server on behalf of the client if necessary. Our results show that the techniques can speed-up
distributed programs significantly, especially when operating across slower networks. We also
discuss some of the challenges involved in maintaining program semantics, and show how the
approach can be used for more ambitious optimisations in the future.

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